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odio los domingos

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But you didn’t.


Street Photographs of NYC, as Captured by a 0.1MP Game Boy Camera

Released in September of 1998, the Game Boy Camera was actual deemed the world’s smallest digital camera by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records in its heyday. Created to be an official accessory of the then-revolutionary Nintendo Game Boy device, the camera was capable of capturing images with a resolution of, hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, 256×224 pixels.

Using the limited 4-color palette the Game Boy’s device offered, the approximately 50mm focal length captured some fun if now unimpressive images, thirty of which you were able to have saved at any given time. As digital cameras became smaller and more powerful though, the Game Boy Camera went from incredible piece of technology to a novelty of the past.

But in the eyes of photographer David Friedman, it was a novelty whose characteristics made it perfect for creating a series of photographs in the Big Apple. Back in 2000, Friedman went around New York capturing the scenery and view that New York City had to offer, all on his handy little Game Boy Camera.

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Cat Saves Little Boy From Being Attacked by Neighbor’s Dog - Video

Good kitty

aw it got cuter. a boy and his cat. :’)

cats do care

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